Monday, March 18, 2013

Staring At Bedrooms

I have a new hobby apparently.  Over the last few weeks I have spent a considerable amount of time just standing in each of the three bedrooms in the front of our house...staring at them.  As I have been poking around the house, doing chores, reading, etc, I have randomly paused, gone to one room or another, opened the door, peered in for a few minutes, then closed it back and gone about my business.

Yes, I have been sober.  No, I have not been sleep walking.  

I'm picturing kid furniture in them.  I'm picturing paint colors.  I'm picturing room arrangement.  I'm picturing toys.  I am picturing the possible sweet little ones that may sleep there, play there, struggle there and be loved there.  

I am preparing and planning, as I am very, very apt to do.  And it is fun.   I've already got a comprehensive plan for the "spare room" which will become craft/guest room and it looks so sophisticated and even DIY blog worthy in my head.  I've got plans for the kids' rooms that may include chalkboard paint and attempting to paint a mural...  The verdict is still out on that.   But plans are a-brewing.  For now they are mostly in my head, but soon they will be coming to life.  We have found new homes for the two guest room dressers we no longer need.  I did a number on my craft room already to declutter, organize and make room for the guest bed.  Next step: paint!  Who wants to come help?

So anyway, if you come over to my house and you see me randomly wander away and open a door and stand still for a moment, then come back to real life, just smile and nod.  I probably had a new idea for which corner a rocking chair would fit best or a paint color that could be gender neutral or a way to make these rooms a sanctuary of safety and happiness.