Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Year I...

Well, 2011 is almost over.  Trent and I are spending a quiet New Year's Eve at home with no plan except to watch the Big Bang Theory marathon on tv and not even try to make it to midnight. Nerd alert... We are also going to continue a NYE tradition from my childhood of eating junky cereal.  I stocked up on Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Growing up, we weren't allowed to eat such evil cereal except on NYE so I'm keeping that going.  :-)  Oooor, I just wanted an excuse for some sugar...  Anyway, how about a look back?

This year I...

Met Rach's fiance, now husband

Celebrated my 24th birthday

Trained interns at work for the first time

Dyed my hair

Saw the Justin Bieber movie with little Steph and Carlie

Grew my hair out as long as it has ever been, then chopped it off

Refinanced my car

Picked up my husband from a motorcycle wreck

Nursed my husband through a broken arm

Stressed out about medical bills

Survived my fourth tax season

Celebrated Easter after the tax deadline for once

Celebrated Trent's first anniversary of being in ministry

Celebrated our 3rd marriage anniversary

Went on my first mission trip

Was sworn in as a CPA in the state of Texas

Saw my baby sister in her Fredericksburg Theater Company debut as Charlotte in Oliver!

Attended Financial Peace University

Endured two weeks straight with my husband away at church camps

Served on jury duty for three days

Flew to NC to be part of Rach and Matt's wedding

Vacationed in Beavers Bend Park with Trent's family

Drove to San Antonio for Sauer Sister Reunion 2011

Lost weight

Got a pedicure, the second one of my life

Grew in my faith

Was reimbursed by auto insurance for all of the motorcycle wreck medical expenses

Survived the most stressful September 15th tax deadline of my career thus far

Celebrated 5 years of togetherness by returning to out steakhouse on 9-30-11

Got new glasses

Got better at this youth ministry thing

Celebrated Trent's 26th birthday

Got away to Galveston for a few days with my hubby


Got to see my highschool win their 5th TAPPS state championship

Was honored for five years of service to JRBT at the office Christmas party

Watched our Baylor Bears win the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio!

Dyed my hair again

Went to bed at 10:45 on New Year's Eve

Goodnight! Happy New Year!

Dear Steph, Will You Be My New Year's Resolution?

Ok y'all, as you know, I was pretty thorough about new year's resolutions last year (which I will indeed finish updating on).   I don't think I'm gonna go all out this year again.  Basically I want to continue to work on those from this past year, partly because for some of them, I didn't really figure them out until the end of the year.  I have a couple personal resolutions that can remain anonymous for blog purposes.  But I do have one resolution this year that I want to really work on.

You remember my friend Steph?  Not this Steph.   (I have about 5 Stephs in my life.) This one was my college roomie, maid of honor, is a fellow CPA and her life task is to remind me to eat and breathe. She gave me my superpower, which is sleeping. (Hers is showering quickly) I also eat her purple freeze pops, could do her tax return if she wanted me too, and my last name is earlier in the alphabet, which means I technically meet her criteria for marriage.  She made me and Trent our story on canvas earlier this year. She toted me to NC for Rach and Matt's wedding extravaganza (I would have been helpless without her). And I lobbs her.