Hi, I'm Anna.

My parents called me Sweetie Pie when I was little and I literally thought it was my middle name.  It ended up shortened, it stuck, and to this day I am Anna Pie.

I am a CPA who wears stilettos and a foster mom who drives a minivan.

I got married at the wee age of 21 to my best friend and the man of my dreams, my husband Trent, who attends seminary and maintains our family's sanity.

I am mama to two three hilarious, feisty kids to whom I did not give birth and whose faces and names I can't put on the internet.

I am addicted to tweaking our personal budget and debt reduction plan.

I am good at a few crafts and terrible at most others.  It's not like I have time for them anyway.

I believe in living simply, inexpensively and intentionally.

Oh, and sometimes I pretend that I'm a writer...

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