Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On Being Married To Your Best Friend

It's realizing too late that you just emptied a dishwasher of not-yet-actually-washed dishes because you were lost in conversation.

It's wandering through toy aisles at Target together, happily daydreaming about future kiddos, but scared to death also.

It's repeatedly renewing efforts to not eat out as much.

It's chatting about each others' day while laying backwards on the bed, because no moms are there to tell you to get your feet off the pillows.

It's facing the sometimes hard, annoying and stressful adventure of adulthood together, including cracked windshields and credit card fraud.

It's lengthy discussions about this messed up world and how to try to fix it.

It's inside jokes, secret codes and knowing looks.

It's sweeping up the trail of needles from the live Christmas tree that you just fetched together and hauled home.

It's using rock-paper-scissors to see who says the blessing at mealtimes.

It's cereal parties in the evening and impromptu ice cream trips even later.

It's ridiculous fits of laughter that neither can contain and neither wants to.

It's arguments and tears, leaves to rake and laundry to fold.

It's a thousand times "thank you for marrying me" and a million times "I love you".

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