Monday, July 28, 2014

Takeaways & Tidbits Lately Vol. 6

We Need Feminism by Rachel Held Evans


Foster Care: Why The Church Can Stop Outsourcing Child Welfare by Jason Johnson


You have a whole different voice when you talk to your kids.  Like super happy.  Kind of like when people tell pregnant ladies or newlyweds "you're glowing".  Your voice glows.

My friend Kristin


Me: Alrighty, ready to go home?  Whew, you smell!
Daycare teacher:  Oh, let me change him real quick before you go.
A few minutes later...
Daycare teacher: He had a lot of dirt and rocks in his diaper...

He is alllllll boy, that's fo sho.


At a restaurant where Sister was smiling at two elderly ladies at another table.

Lady: She's so pretty. Look at that hair.  Which one of you do the curls come from?
Me: Oh, uh, him.  [Points to Trent]  He just shaves his head now.

What was I supposed to say?? "Oh, her curls came from neither of us, we didn't give birth to her..."  It was some nice stranger we'll never see again.  And it wasn't entirely a lie.  Trent does did indeed have curly hair.


After a particularly rough day in parenting land:

Trent: You need to take more breaks, babe.  Go get drinks with Kristin or go read at Starbucks or...
Me, in tears: ...go to Target...
Trent: You want to go to Target?
Me, even more tears: Yeah, I just really, really want to go to Target...
Trent: Well then, by golly, let's get you to Target.

I am happy to report that I later that week spent literally two hours wandering around in Target and it was glorious.

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