Friday, July 31, 2015

Things I'm Into Lately


So comfy.  Soft.  Cute.  Easy.  Have been wearing lots lately.

Messing with my hair

My hair is straight and fine and doesn't do a thing, nor do I usually try to do anything with it.  Lately I've been trying to do a little more with it, even if that just means pulling it half back into a rubber band (gasp).  And sometimes I do my funky updo that I've done off and on for half my life and it looks pretty nice to start...

...then turns into a hot mess by the end of the day...

...and looks super funky when I take out the bazillion bobby pins...


Gimme gimme gimme.  These are my Shoes Of Summer this year.

Adult coloring books

I want to hug whoever invented these.  It probably would drive many people up the wall but it's very calming and fun for me.

Parenting books

Because three children.  No pressure.  Omg.  Must learn all the things...

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