Friday, January 29, 2016

Update On Our CPS Case

The last time I provided an update here on our CPS case, I explained that we were waiting for the final termination orders from the DA's office, so we could move to the adoption unit of CPS.  Well, now two months later, we are on one hand SO much closer to adoption and on the other we still feel a billion years away.

We have been moved to the adoptions department of CPS and have a new adoptions social worker who is awesome.

We have hired our attorney, who told us "we've got the A Team working on this adoption."

We have made progress on adoption related paperwork.

And yet...we are still waiting on those blasted final termination orders that I described back in November.  Our caseworker told us she thinks the orders for the big kids have come through and she is poking and bugging and fighting and throwing fits to get Baby's done too.    The good news is we're getting everything else in order so we can hop to it once we have those.  The bad news is there is a 90 day waiting period once those come out of the DA's office and into our caseworker and attorney's hands.  When we first met with our new caseworker in December, she told us that March was a realistic month to hope for an adoption day, but now we're looking at more like May probably, with this 90 day countdown involved.

So, more hullaballoo and gobbledeegook and waiting.  Nothing new here.

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  1. I know the waiting and waiting and waiting to wait some more is hard. What a blessing it is that all three children are safe and you know you will be able to adopt them eventually, at least it sounds like you are past the, will they stay, will they leave, what's going to happen stage.
    Prayers for those final orders coming soon!