Monday, May 17, 2010


You might be wondering why my blog is named what it is. Pie? Anna Pie? Well there's a story behind that, and one that goes waaaaaaay back. Back to when I was little bitty. My parents called my Sweetie Pie and I came to believe that that was my middle name. On the (very) rare occasion that I would talk to someone other than immediate family, I would tell them my name was Anna Sweetie Pie Sauer, which came out more like Anna Schweetie Pie Schauer, according to my parents. Well, it stuck, and over time, it got shortened to Anna Pie. And it still stuck. To this day, my parents call me Anna Pie, Miss Pie, Pie, AP, Anna Pea Pie Po, etc. Trent picked up on it too and often calls me Annie Pie or Sweetie Pie. I love it. Mostly I love that my nickname is not Anna Banana and doesn't come with a song.

So anyway, I am Pie. The end.

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