Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Trent and I have been married for two years and one day. It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun and fun to look back on how far we've come in the past two years. The reason I did not post yesterday on our actual anniversary is because of one of the adventures we have just embarked on, which we can look back at on our next anniversary.

Two years ago:
-Both still in school, both working part time, trying to make ends meet and make good grades (well at least I was trying to make good grades).
-Loving life in our little one bedroom apartment, thinking "what else could we possibly need?" We had each other, enough space, a tiny washer and dryer, and a brand new 32 inch tv bought on credit from Best Buy.
-I had just survived my first tax season
-I was still driving the old Corolla my parents let me have for college

One year ago:
-Still newlyweds
-Both done with school
-I had just survived my second tax season, Trent was looking for a job change from Habitat to something else, anything else. Started working for a cabinet maker.
-Had just purchased and moved into our first house because we ran out of space in the apartment. Went from 600(ish) square feet to 2100 square feet and two sheds. Had no idea what we were ever going to do with that much space.
-Bought bigger washer and dryer because I was tired of washing only three pairs of pants per load.
-TV still not paid off
-Now owned my lovely red Volvo S40. Never thought I'd be a red car person.
-Trent's truck's transmission decided to kick the bucket and we had the adventure of pushing it from LaSalle to our apartment, being a one car couple for a while and watching our tax refund go to Green's Transmission Repair
-I took and failed my first section of the CPA exam. Was bummed but determined to succeed.
-Went to Shiner, TX for our anniversary and did absolutely nothing. Was amazing.
-No baby plans yet

-Not sure that we are newlyweds anymore. We are getting pretty good at this.
-TV is paid off!
-Vehicles=my red Volvo, Trent's red truck with working transmission and red motorcycle which mostly works except for the whole smoke thing...
-Have utilized all the space in our big house.
-I have passed three sections of the CPA exam, each on the first try (other than that first one) and looking to take my LAST section July 3rd, just in time for Independence From CPA Exam Day
-Just survived my third tax season. More like rocked it. Very affirming that I am apparently totally cut out for this.
-Went to New Braunfels, TX with great friends Kim and Caleb for a joint anniversary trip. Did not do nothing because that's not how they travel. Explored, ate good food, had good drinks, and went to Schlitterbahn when the high was 75 degrees and there was no sun. Brrr, but fun.
-Biggest and best change of all: Trent started as youth minister of our church the day before our anniversary. He is living his dream and we are so happy. I am working on getting used to the idea of being a minister's wife. This is why I didn't post yesterday on our actual anniversary. We had church board meeting and we figured Trent shouldn't miss after being on staff for two days!
-No baby plans yet but it comes up in conversation more often.

Many thanks to all our friends and family who wished us a happy anniversary and who have contributed to our happiness, success and growth over ther past two years.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! You need to make sure to add to it each year.....