Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder & A Weekend Getaway

Two weeks ago Trent was gone for a whole week to church camp. This week he is gone on the youth group mission trip to Washington DC. While I did tear up when I dropped Trent off at camp, that first week by myself was strangely enjoyable...I had the house to myself and surprisingly wasn't jumpy or scared, it was quiet, I didn't spend a cent, I had time to myself. It happened to be the first week that I was free from studying, so I was engrossed in starting to do the things I had been unable to do for the past 6 years: read books, watch tv, surf the web, clean my house (eh I didn't do much of that actually), do nothing... Maybe that novelty was enough that I didn't miss Trent too badly. If you're reading this babe, no offense, and keep reading.

Well, the novelty must have worn off between his week at camp and this week on the mission trip. He left yesterday and I started crying as we said goodbye at the church. I either didn't want him to go or wanted to go with him. Now it's been less than 24 hours since he left but I'm already feelin' like this week ain't gonna be like the camp week for me. I have the house to myself but I was jumpy and scared last night, I have time to myself that I'd rather spend with my husband. I have something to do or go to every evening this week so maybe that will help the week go by quickly. Anyway, it'll be just fine and Trent will have a blast. He's never been to DC so he is super excited and I'm happy for him. We are going to make a trip there together sometime in the next couple years before kids enter the scene. In the meantime, I love you babe, miss you, hope you are having a great time.

In lieu of this time apart this summer that we have not been used to in the past, we have been looking for a weekend getaway destination. After scoping out a few options (Shiner TX, Turner Falls OK, Gruene TX), we are going to stay at Quiet Hill Ranch, my Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindy's guest ranch/b&b in Doss, TX on the family ranch. I am so excited. I've been up on the hill many, many times growing up but have never attended as a guest. We'll have our own cabin, go swimming, go for walks, enjoy nature all around, grill out, maybe go over to my dad's chunk of land and rummage around in the barn attic for treasures. Up on that hill, there's no agenda, no t0-do list, no city noise, no city lights. There's just God's creation, beautiful scenery, the company of loved ones and time to simply relax.

Shameless plugs for Quiet Hill Ranch:

Website: www.quiethillranch.com

Blog: http://www.quiethillranch.blogspot.com/

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It is a small piece of hill country heaven.

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