Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Few Things

Just a few thoughts.

1) Still haven't gotten my exam score yet. I'm getting pretty antsy about it, but a few websites I looked at predict it will be released around August 16th. Wha wha. Just need to be patient I suppose. I don't like this limbo! If I'm done, let me know that I'm done, but if I have to retake it, I'd rather be studying right now. Not true, I'd never rather be studying but you know what I mean.

2) I should dress up for work more. It makes me feel good. I always meet the business casual requirement but I have recently realized that a lot of my work clothes are rather frumpy. They are comfy and that's why I wear them more than my sharper outfits, but they are therefore getting worn out and I'm getting very tired of them. Today I am wearing my trusty brown pants which are a norm, but instead of flats I'm wearing my brown tweed (sp?) heels, instead of a frumpy polo or short sleeved sweater looking top, I'm wearing an Ann Taylor Loft ensemble of cami and shirt that I inherited from a coworker. I like that there are a few Ann Taylor pieces in my closet now...truth is I didn't buy any of them. I may start shopping there since I like the style. Walmart and Target are so much cheaper though... Anyway, I want new clothes. Part of my CPA bonus is going to go to a shopping spree to get some new work clothes and play clothes. It'll be great.

3) I have started journaling for real again. I started last night. I bought a pretty new journal and began...somewhat awkwardly. What does one say when they journaled intensely for many years, then completely stopped for three? There's no way to catch up on that span in between. So I didn't even try. So many big things happened in my life during the time I wasn't journalling, (and that's mostly why I didn't have time to) but the fact that they are big things in my life means that I have my other memories and photos and memorabilia. The memories are preserved, regardless of the fact that I don't have a written narrative of them. Why have I started journaling again? For the past three years, my life was so fast paced that I didn't really have time for me, for my thoughts. Now that school is over and CPA studying is (hopefully) over, I've got that time. And it's let me THINK about some things. I don't really know how to explain my sudden desire to start again. In the past, my journal was a sounding board, a way to work out my thoughts and feelings slowly and logically because at that time in my life I was not good at doing that quickly or on the spot. Because of my relationship with Trent, I have grown into a much stronger person and I am better able to present my thoughts on things without having to sit and work through them privately first. He is my sounding board on many things now. But I still want that special place to record my thoughts, even if I've already got stuff all figured out. Who ever has everything figured out anyway? So. I have one 7 page entry in my new journal and I loooooooved sitting there writing it last night, as awkward as it was. I felt like I was creeping back to a long lost friend and attempting to jump right back in where I walked out 3 years before. I felt the need to write eloquently, as if to prove I was worthy of getting back into this. Strange. But I loved it.

4) Journaled? Journalled? Journaling? Journalling? Journaler? Journalist? I don't know.

5) I'm headed to the Burg this evening after work (when work ends for me today is as yet undetermined...) then my sisters and I are roadtrippin' down to South Padre for Sauer Sister Beach Weekend 2010. Can't wait!

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