Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm exhausted this evening. And it's only 7:45ish. Ugh. I thought walking/running in the mornings was supposed to give me MORE energy! Maybe I'm tired because I got up early to do that, maybe because I worked today when my brain was in holiday mode, maybe I have allergies, or maybe because I just stared at yarn for several hours at Kim's house. I made twelve flowers and about half a hat.
I know this only shows ten flowers. I made too more pink ones after I took the picture. The brown and green one is spoken for (thanks MK!) So anyway, that is probably most of why my head is in a fog and I want to go to sleep but I've kind of felt that way all day. I can just chalk it up to being Anna I suppose. I am always some level of sleepy.

I just facebook chatted with my sister Katy, the adventurous one. She is in the Dominican Republic until Christmas, living, learning, fulfilling her dreams and reaching her goals. If anyone has an interest in life in the DR, you can follow her blog here. It is muy interesante.

Ok I'm going to bed. Yes, at 8:00 pm. Sleeping is my superpower. Steph says so.


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