Tuesday, December 21, 2010

7 Things I'm Happy About

Hello everybody. Long time no blog and I'm sorry for that. Turns out this holiday season has been kind of bonkers, but in a good way! Here are 7 things I'm happy about right now:

1. Our nephew was born last Friday evening, December 17th, to Trent's sister K'Lee and her husband James. Asher James Taylor, 7 lbs, 13 oz, 21 inches long, full head of hair! He looks like James minus the goatee... The family is doing well and Uncle Brat and Aunt Pie are super excited to meet him when we head to Winnsboro this Thursday for Christmas. Grandee and Poppa have sore cheeks from smiling so much about their first grandchild!

2. My sister, Katy, the world traveler, returned home from the Dominican Republic on Saturday. She was there since August and is home until she heads to Brazil in March. Welcome back Katy!

3. My mom got me some official Nike shorts in October but couldn't find them for the life of her over Thanksgiving when we were in Fbg, so we gave up. I was sad. I have never owned real Nike shorts and was honestly a bit jealous that Abby had hers. Well, this past weekend, I unwrapped a present and there they were! They found the shorts in the trunk of Mom's car. So here is me with Abby, the Nike addict, in our matching shorts and the Nike pullover Trent and I gave her for Christmas. (What you can't see are her Nike t-shirt, and Nike shoes.)

4. Our entire immediate family was together at the Sauer Family Christmas on Sunday out at the ranch. We are a big bunch! It was so great to have everyone together instead of scattered all over the state/country/world. Left to right: Michael (married to our sister Courtney over there), John, Katy, Dad, Abby, Mom, Sarah, me, Trent, Courtney, Robert (C & M's son). Yay!

5. We got our new Master Tax Guides for the 2011 filing season the other day at work. I put it on my shelf and realized my collection is growing. I was hired at JRBT on December 6, 2006, in the admin department, then gradually shuffled over to tax. I've been here four years! I think that's pretty cool. I still haven't won any prizes at the office Christmas party. Boo.

6. I checked the stats page of my blog "dashboard" and it has had 1,001 page views! Wow.

7. Successful dress shopping trip! I am in the house party for our friends Patrick and Amanda's wedding next week and haven't had time to find a dress. Went to Sears last night, took a few to the dressing room and this one was the winner. On sale for $30. I'm normally not a fan of wearing cowl necks, but this one sits very nicely. With my black, velvety heels and black jewelry, maybe black tights, I think it will work quite nicely!
So those are some happy items going on right now. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!

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