Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby Quilt for Youth Auction

Our youth are having their annual auction fundraiser tomorrow after church. I wanted to make something to contribute as an auction item so I decided to make a baby quilt. You may remember back in December when I made a baby quilt for our nephew Asher for Christmas. I opted for the quilt kit route again this time to get the benefit of the already matched fabrics. This one also had satin in the mix, which I learned last time is impossible to work with easily. It is such a shifty, silky fabric, that it will not stay put when I try to cut, pin or sew it. I had some pink swirly cotton fabric on hand from a previous project so I just swapped that in for the satin. So now I have a 14" by 14" square of pink satin, should I ever need it. After one evening of cutting and another evening and a half of sewing, the top was done:

Then this past Wednesday was our 3rd anniversary (yay!) so I took the afternoon off and hung out in the youth room while Trent worked. I first sewed the quilt top to the backing real quick at home, then I sat on a sofa for about 3 hours and first whipstitched the hole closed where I had turned it right side out, then stitched the front to the back on certain corners. I actually bought some flowered felt buttons like the round ones I used for Asher's quilt, but decided they would make the front of it just too busy. Plus I wasn't sure where I would put them since this wasn't just squares the whole way across. So I just stitched up and down here and there to tack it together and decided that was sufficient.

All done!

Hopefully it can bring the youth some $$. I also put an item in the auction for Beginning Sewing Lessons. That should be a fun adventure!

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