Monday, May 23, 2011

Life is an Adventure

Sometime in the spring of 2006, Trent's parents took a road trip to Florida with two of their friends. On the drive back, the car they were in broke down in Mississippi. This was on the weekend and there were no shops open to help them until Monday. Trent's mom and dad had to be home on Monday for work, so they called Trent, who was actually already on the way to Winnsboro to visit highschool friends, to see if he might be able to come get them. In Mississippi. He was only about 45 minutes out of Waco when he called me to see if I wanted to make the trip with him. I had taken my GMAT exam for grad school that morning, bombed it (you see your score at the end, ugh) and was having a huge pity party in my apartment room, so I declined. Plus he would have had to wait for me to trek the part of the trip he had already made.

"What is your point Anna?"

The point is that I didn't go on the trip with him but later wished I had. His parents visited us at Baylor a short while later and Donna and I were talking about his rescue trip to go get them. I said something like "Yeah, I wish I had just gone ahead and gone with him. That would have been a fun adventure." She looked at me and told me that she was pretty sure I was the one for Trent. (Keep in mind we had been dating for, oh, 7-ish months at this point) I asked her why. She answered,"Because Trent needs adventure in his life, and you view all of life as an adventure."

I have never forgotten that. And it's true. I do view this crazy, big, sometimes scary life as an adventure, from the big things, like getting married, that anyone would think an adventure, to the little things like quilt making or dishwasher repair and meal planning.

I think partly why I view everything as an adventure is because I'm not the most confident person in the world. Driving in the big city is an adventure because I'm scared to death of it. Not to mention bad at it. Making Asher's baby quilt for Christmas was an adventure because I had never made a quilt before. Actual adventures like sky diving or surfing scare the patooty out of me and I'd never try them so I think that's why all kinds of little regular things seem like adventures to me.

But I think I also view everything as an adventure because it's more fun that way! Going to the beach with my sisters the past two summers was an adventure each time just because we were headed to a different place and having different experiences. Marriage should always be an adventure in my opinion. It should never become so mundane and routine that it's no fun. Even if it does get to be mundane and routine, simply switching your mindset to adventure mode for all the little routine stuff can be fun. Shake things up, do something different sometimes. And if you can't, treat tackling chores together as an adventure because you are doing it together.

Being married to Trent is an adventure in itself. I knew that going in, if for nothing else, just from hearing of all his childhood accidents and trips to the ER. Our wedding day was also a day of "Here we go! No turning back, he's all mine now." And I love it. He adds some bigger adventures to my little adventures and overall, we just have a grand time living life.

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