Monday, June 27, 2011

At Last - CPA Swearing In Ceremony

You know you are too busy when it takes you over a week to post a blog about a BIG event in your life. Ok maybe some people wouldn't find this such a big deal. In fact, most would probably find the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy CPA Swearing In Ceremony (are you snoring yet?) a total bore. But for me, after a year and a half of studying, testing, getting up early, staying up late, crying over hard questions or long chapters, toting study materials with me everywhere...I was downright EXCITED. I know, nerd. I was excited to finally get my certificate, to see my family and to cap off this long process. Not gonna lie, it seemed a little anti-climactic considering I finished the exam last August and have technically been certified since October 14th, buuuut, they only have this ceremony twice a year so we'll just go with it. It started to sink back in the night before when I started trying on every variation of business professional clothing I owned. (I was happy to find a cute pencil skirt or two that can now return from the land of too-small, yay) After a clothing tornado, I ended up back to the suit I had planned to wear all along.

But anyway...

Trent and I hit the road somewhat early and headed to Austin for the 10 a.m. ceremony at the Palmer Events Center. Lots of people were introduced and recognized and thanked, etc, etc. The new CPAs all stood and repeated the oath. Then it came time to hand out the certificates. It was pretty reminiscent of graduation, minus the hot robe and funky hat.

Heading across the stage to get my certificate. He almost said my name right...but not quite.

Thank you Mr. Somebody whose name I don't remember anymore.

Lots more board members' hands to shake.

Ok, one cool thing about my last name moving from S to F when I got married is that I don't have to wait so long to be called on for stuff like this. The bad thing is that then I'm done quickly, the rush of excitement is over for me and I just have to sit and wait for everybody else to finish. Oof. I mostly just wanted to go hug my husband and family who were seated somewhere behind me in the crowd. But I sat patiently while everyone else had their moment to shine. One guy wore jeans (who does that...) I recognized a few of my Baylor classmates and my coworker Keith received his certificate as well.

Finally the ceremony was "adjourned" (don't we sound cool) and I started traipsing through the numerous people to look for my family. Finally I caught a glimpse of my mom through the crowd and headed her way. Up until this point I was just excited, glad to be there, enjoying it. But when I saw my mom, with tears in her own eyes, I temporarily lost it. Just like when I found out my last passing score, I didn't cry until I talked to my mom on the phone. So she's to blame for the happy tears. She hugged me and said "This is a big deal, Pie, this is a big deal!"

Hugs all around, then everybody wanted to see my certificate and I realized I hadn't looked at it yet myself. It is spiffay.

And here I am with my certificate and my main man, my sweet husband, my supporter and encourager. I couldn't have done this without him by my side.

~ sat and read at coffee shops with me while I studied,
~ sat at the Baylor library with me while I did my final practice test the night before each section
~ graded those practice tests for me while I walked around and tried to remain calm
~ made me breakfast before some of my exams
~ took off work to drive me all the way to College Station when the Waco testing center became unavailable when I had a test scheduled, then toodled around for FOUR hours while I tested, then drove me all the way home (after buying me flowers)
~ said "you can do it, babe" many, many, many times, when I dragged myself out of bed to study before work, when I got frustrated, when I got tired.

He kept telling me I could do it. And I did it.

After the ceremony, we all went to Olive Garden for lunch. I threw my calorie count to the wind and totally pigged out and enjoyed myself.

Sisters minus Katy. We miss you!

After lunch we and my family went out separate ways and headed home to Fredericksburg and Waco. Trent and I must have been in a slap happy spending mood because we stopped at REI and bought him new sunglasses, then stopped at the outlets in Round Rock where I got a Coach wristlet (see below), then when we got back to Waco, I got some new Teva sandals at Academy. And we went ahead and stopped by Michael's for a frame for my certificate. Whoo. I found the same frame and green matte that I got there two years ago to frame my diplomas, and, bonus, the frame was half off. Score!

Since I don't have an office at work, these will all just chill in our home office. They look great. I'm not sure if I will leave my certificate sitting like that, hang the diplomas a bit higher so it can hang under them, or hang it across the room between the closet doors where it would also fit nicely. At one point Trent said "Man, you have a lot of paperwork behind your name." Haha.

Close up!

And here is the Coach wristlet I got for myself on the way home from Austin. Since I got my coach purse (and wallet, and keychain...) with my bonus when I finished the exam, I thought it would be fun and cute to add one more item to top it off and commemorate the day that I got my certificate. Afterall, the C's stand for CPA, right?

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