Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dear Mama

That time that I pulled hot coffee down on my leg and burned it so badly I had to sleep on my back and wear Dad's big t-shirts for weeks...I was just trying to move your coffee over because I wanted you to sit closer to me.

Those random times when you let me leave my brand new school at lunch when I wasn't sick but just needed a break from the change and the rings true to this day, as Katy says, "Anna has to freak out a little, but then she kicks butt."  Thank you for understanding my freak out days, even though I didn't yet.

All those times when I was small that I startled you so badly when you'd turn around and find me silently standing right there...I just wanted to be near you.

Thank you for teaching me to see what needs to be done.

All those times you chanted "Go! Fight! Win!" on exam days or normal days, complete with cheerleader meant a lot, and it still does to this day.

That Christmas when I got a new outfit for my American Girl doll but the tiny blue satin necklace got lost in the Christmas trash...thank you for understanding that it wasn't just a doll necklace, it was a special tiny thing to me and losing it was heartbreak.  I couldn't have found it without you.

Thank you for all the eggs you scrambled and pancakes you flipped.

Love always,
Your little Anna Pie

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