Monday, March 10, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Foster Parent

Disclaimer: I realize plenty of these items could simply be a day in the life of any parent.  

5:45 am
Awake to alarm, briefly wonder why Trent isn't in bed and remember he slept in the twin bed in Brother's room to monitor said little one's fever/coughing/throwing up situation throughout the night.

5:50 am
Peek in on the sleeping boys briefly, shower and get ready for work

6:33 am
Text kids' social worker to let her know Brother is pretty sick and ask what that means for their scheduled parent visit mid morning since he is staying home with Trent today.

6:40 am
Get picked up by obliging coworker because Trent's car is in the shop, head to work via Starbucks, paid for by said wonderful coworker

6:45 am
Arrive at work

7:06 am
Social worker responds that Sister will go to the parent visit and Brother will not, she will transport Sister to the visit as planned.  She asks to reschedule her home visit scheduled for this evening for next Monday.  Sure, whatever works.

7:15 am
Leave work in aforementioned lifesaver coworker's car, drive home, get Sister up, dressed and into her car seat while Trent and Brother remain asleep, take Sister to daycare in my own car because that is where her seat base is, return to house and leave my car there for Trent.

8:00 am
Return to work in coworker's car, call doctor and make mid morning appointment for Brother

8:04 am
Text social worker to let her know I put one of Brother's paintings from daycare in the diaper bag I sent with Sister, for their Mom to keep if she wants to.

8:30 am
Receive update from Trent that Brother awoke feeling tons better with no fever, cancel doctor appointment, only to regret it later.  At least his "well child checkup" is scheduled for tomorrow so we can turn that into a sick child checkup if needed.

Work.  And receive periodic reports from Trent about how Brother is doing just fine and brought him his shoes and jacket as if to say "let's go somewhere".  Dada and Brother run some errands with his shoes and jacket over his footy pajamas.  Stylin'.

11:15 am
Get picked up by the boys at my office, pick up Trent's car, eat early lunch at DQ with Brother who was starting to act rather tired.  Chicken strips are a hit.

Return to work.  Do work.  Receive report that Brother konked out for a nap.

Early afternoon
Text with Trent about leaky washing machine, dead carpet cleaner, remaining work needed on his car, my car, the truck, decide to buy a rug for the living room for the kids to play on, and a new carpet cleaner

3:20 pm
Text kids' social worker to follow up again on CCS daycare subsidy payment which has yet to kick in after almost a month and a half, when it's supposed to after ten days to two weeks.  Receive response that the initial social worker who removed the children began the CCS request paperwork but did not complete it so the request was not made until last week when I last followed up.   Let social worker know we just received their regular reimbursement check and it can be used to cover this month+ of daycare.

4:19 pm
Receive call from kids' social worker who gives more details on the CCS slip up and lets me know the previous social worker has been asked by her supervisor to write a letter to CCS to request retroactive payment since the mistake and delay are her fault.  No guarantee if it'll work, but worth a try.  Also no guarantee she will write the letter apparently.  Receive report that visit that morning with Mom went well. Instructed to email the forms from the kids' upcoming medical checkups to both her (the social worker) and the kids' attorney, who would think I was "the best foster parent ever" if I send him said reports.

5:15 pm
Ditch plans to work until 6:30 and instead plan to go pick up Sister from daycare and meet Trent and Brother at Home Depot to get new carpet cleaner and rug for living room.   Head to Home Depot to meet the boys and plan to get everyone and everything home and settled then head back to the office for an hour or two.

6:04 pm
Receive call from our Foster & Adoptive Home Development (FAD) social worker (who trained us and whose job it is to support us as foster parents) saying "Are you going to be home soon?"   "Well, yes, we're headed home right now."  "Ok, I'll be here."  Our first unannounced visit.  Good thing I cleaned the house yesterday!

6:15ish pm
Arrive home and let in the waiting social worker who was sitting in her car and not, in fact, hiding in our bushes as she joked she would for unannounced visits.  Great visit with her as she checked in on us, asked how we're doing, how the kids are doing, made sure our guns and medicine were properly locked up, looked at the kids rooms and headed on her way.

7:00 pm
Attempt to give Sister some medicine she needs.  It makes her incredibly sensitive gag reflex kick in and she throws up on me.   Bath time.

7:20 pm
Take Brother's temp and realize it's back up to a fever.  Give him medicine, he throws up a little bit and looks so miserable. He's asleep before Trent can get him laid down in the bed.  

7:30 pm
Give Sister her bottle and rock her to sleep, with tears streaming down my face as I pray over and over "please help him feel better, please help him feel better..."

8:00 pm
Pack Sister's bag for daycare tomorrow.  Eat a PB&J sandwich.  Remember that I had intended to go back to work for a little while.  Cry a bit more.  Smile at Trent singing the "Mr. Mom" song.  Unlock the cabinet and take cough medicine.

8:30 pm
Decide to blog, even though I should probably just go to bed.  Consider tackling a personal and heavy post in my draft lineup but decide I'm not up to it.

9:20 pm
Sister stirs. She rolled herself into the side of the bed.  Ow.  Rock her back to sleep. Check her temperature for good measure and sigh with relief that it's normal.  Realize the 2 second temporal thermometer we got is some of the best money we've spent.

9:45: pm
Set my alarm earlier to get to work at 6:00 am to make up lost time for today.  Do the math for how much sleep that isn't.  Omg, goodnight.

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