Saturday, March 8, 2014

This Is How Much My Husband Loves Me

Our house is kind of old and has plenty of quirks, one of which is the faucet in our hall bathroom.  When you pull up on the knob above the faucet, it does not easily seal up and send the water to the shower head like it's supposed to.   And when I say "does not easily", I actually mean it's practically impossible for me to get it to do it for some reason and my few successes involve jamming my thumb up into the faucet to push the mechanism up from below, while turning the water on from above.  Said mechanism in there is pointy and huuuuurts my thumb like the dickens.  Meanwhile the pipes and faucet gurgle super loudly as it tries to make the switch and I worry it will wake sleeping children at 5:30 in the morning when I'm fighting with it, trying to get ready for work.

This was not really a problem before we got kids because the shower almost always stayed on shower setting instead of bathtub setting.  Now?  We draw a bath for Brother every night which means the offending stem gets popped down into bathtub mode and who is the next person needing to use it as a shower early the next morning?  Me.

Enter Trent, who for some reason is like the god of quirky bathtub faucets and has no problem popping that stem up with one swift motion into shower mode.   I am insanely jealous of his faucet skillz.  I have tried to learn his ways, but to no avail.

You want to know how much my husband loves me?  

Almost every evening, he goes in there after Brother's bath, turns the water on for a few seconds and pops that stem up for me so that my shower is ready to go for the morning.  If he doesn't remember, he quickly responds to my "Can you please turn it into a shower for me?" plea with no very little teasing about my inability to do so and my hurting thumb when I try.

This stupid faucet battle is no big deal to Trent but is actually a weird, stupid, legitimate source of stress to me.  He has realized that and he makes that stress go away every day.  Bam.  Here's your shower, babe, no need to worry...or hurt your thumb.

How did I get so lucky?


  1. I have experienced said faucet, it is not easy!

  2. It's a pain in the booty. Last night Trent tried to teach me again how he does it and HE couldn't even get it to work. I think a new faucet is in order...if only he had time to make the swap.