Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weekly Parent's Night Off Program

I'm hanging out at Starbucks all by myself.  It's part of our weekly Parent's Night Off program in our household.

One night a week, Trent goes out and plays pool, drinks Shiner or whiskey and comes home smelling of smoke and revitalization.

One different night a week, I get to go out and sit at Starbucks, write, read, send emails, toodle around Target, or maybe hang out with Kristin and watch movies like Bridget Jones' Diary while drinking white russians.

Trent has been having his nights out for a while now and I recently asserted myself and decided I wanted one too.  He said "Well duh! Go for it!" This is actually my first one and I have been excited about it allllllll day.  Let's face it folks, parenting is a big job, especially parenting babies and every big job needs breaks sometimes.  For your sanity.  For variety.  For getting out of the dang house sometimes.  

Parents, do you get enough breaks?  Do you get any?  Do you need to establish a Parent's Night Off program in your household?  Give it a try.  So far so good for us.


  1. Oh absolutely! It's great that you think you'll be able to manage it once a week - does weekly grocery shopping by myself count? But my honey is awesome about letting me have one Saturday a month with my girls to scrapbook.

    1. I count grocery shopping too! I think we really can stick to once a week for each of us. Trent does super with the kids, better than me I'd say, and they go to bed pretty early, so it's really just handling bedtime alone. On his nights out, he helps with bedtime, then goes out after they're down.