Sunday, April 24, 2016

We Have Our Adoption Date!

Our Facebook world already knows this, but...check it out...

That's right, we have the date for our adoption hearing set!

I saw that I had a missed call from our attorney's office as well as a text from our social worker saying "did you hear the good news?"   I was in an appointment and couldn't call the attorney back so texted our social worker "Just tell me what the good news is!!"  So she did.  Because she is cool like that.   I later called the attorney's office back and heard it straight from the secretary's mouth as well.  

Alerted Trent, exchanged some exclamatory texts, wondered at the fact that CPS actually came through earlier than expected for once, given that we had been told to count on June for an adoption hearing.  We texted our families and close people to make sure the close circle of folks we want present at the hearing didn't have conflicts.  The response was generally "if there was a conflict, there would shortly no longer be a conflict!"  

Then I ate a sandwich.  Then I cried in my minivan.  Then I pulled myself together and went to a board meeting for CASA.  What better group of people to spend some time with right after getting this kind of news than leadership of an organization that expressly serves kids in foster care and has been tracking our family's story?  I interrupted the president's introductory remarks with "can I say something?" then proceeded to burst into Ugly Cry level of tears as I somehow choked out "about an hour ago we got our adoption date."  So I turned a professional board meeting into a cry fest but apparently it was ok because the whole room erupted with cheer. 

Then I spent way too many minutes making the very simple image above, then many more minutes letting the tidal wave of responses, likes, loves (because that's a thing on Facebook now apparently), comments and all the emojis in the land bolster the joy I was already feeling.  (Also trying to convince Uncle Joey that me saying he could wear a suit to court did not mean a swimsuit or morph suit...)

Man, you people know how to cheer a family on.  A lot of you know me or have at least met me in real life.  Others of you I only know through the interwebs.  And yet, across the board, the love and support you nice people have poured out to our family that has been on this wacky journey for over two years now is overwhelming and so appreciated.   So, thanks for being awesome and celebrating with us in this very important time in our family's story.  You rock.  All of you.  Even the ones I've never met.


  1. Yay!!!! 😀 I am so excited for you all too!!!! I am also a foster mom inTexas, and hopefully soon will be her mom through adoption!!! I found your blog recently, and have sure enjoyed reading about your journey!!!

  2. I in the interwebs following category--couldn't be more happy for your ... happiness! You and your husband personify love in action.