Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Letter To My Kids On Adoption Day

Dear Kids,

In a few hours we will be in our county courthouse, before a judge, becoming a legal and forever family.  The judge herself told me a few weeks ago that "this is your day".  Your day to run around the courtroom if you wish, to be happy, to show joy, to be kids.  I was somewhat relieved to hear her say that, given that it is near impossible to get all three of your little bodies sitting still.

This is a big day.  This is your day.  This is our family's day.   The gravity and weight of this occasion have settled solidly into my soul and I am over the moon with joy.  But...this day is not everything.

This is the day the state of Texas will acknowledge us as a legal family.  But it is not the day our family began.

This is the day I will legally become your mother.  But it is not the day my motherly love began.

This is the day your last name will match ours.  But it is not the day that your humanity began.

Your story is unique.  Your story is challenging.  Your story is precious. 

Our family's story is unique.  Our family's story is challenging.  Our family's story is precious.

We honor your past, celebrate your present and eagerly anticipate your future.  We will have good times. We will laugh so, so often. We will work through life's plain ole challenges as a plain ole family.  We will face the confusion and questions about your tricky start in life when they rise up and we will block out the rest of the world, plop down on the rug, hash through it all, say as many words and cry as many tears as we need to until we are as much at peace as we can be in that moment.

This won't always be easy.  Turmoil may pop up.  Trauma may surface.  Strangers may make ignorant comments about our family. People may assume things about your story that are entirely false.  But we are prepared to rally as your parents, to circle around you.  At times we will take the blows on your behalf and shield you entirely.  Other times we will jump down into the trench with you and fight alongside you.  Still other times we will sit back and cheer you on from afar as you live out your unique, challenging, precious story with strength, confidence and love.

You are a joy, a delight, a blessing.  We are honored to get to call you ours.

Happy Forever Day sweet babies of mine.

With all my love, for all my days,


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