Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Athletic, Artsy, Adventurous, Academic

My three sisters and I went on our second annual weekend trip to the beach this past weekend. It was great fun and I hope we will be able to do it for many years to come. We drove six hours one way from the Burg down to South Padre Island. It was a loooong trip but the roadtrip was half the fun since we entertain ourselves so easily when we are all together. On the way back, Katy and I talked about her upcoming travel plans and it got me thinking about how different each of us is, even though we are all sisters and not terribly far apart in age.

Abby is 13. She is good at any sport you toss at her, unlike the rest of us girls, who faked our way through athletics. At dinner last Thursday night before we hit the road Friday morning we were musing about where Abby might go to college. We threw out a couple names and I of course said BAYLOR, but Sarah said "I can see you playing ball in college....the question is what kind of ball." She plays (and is good at) volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, running... She honestly may have a chance at collegiate sports if she keeps this up. That would be totally awesome.

Sarah is 18, almost 19. She is the artsy one. She ventured to Rochester, NY for college and is studying photography and new media publishing. Her artwork and photos are exquisite and she has a great eye for it even though she has not been at it for very long. I can't paint or draw worth anything and have not even explored all the menu options on my Nikon Coolpix digital camera. Sarah is usually toting around either her fancy professional camera or one of her many antique or unusual cameras that she collects.

Katy is 21, as of about a week ago. She is the world traveler. I joke that "my sister Katy attends Trinity University in between her trips to foreign countries." She spent almost a year in Chile between highschool and college, she spent last summer in Spain, she is leaving in a few weeks for the Dominican Republic until December and then is heading to Brazil next March through August. Her travels do not detract from her schooling, but rather enhance it and it all fits marvelously into a coherent plan to prepare herself for an adventurous career in international studies, bringing betterment to spanish speaking countries. Or is there a plan?

I'm 23. I'm the nerd, the preppy one, the overachiever, the academic, the accountant. I was on a track and had a plan from the day I set foot on Baylor campus until the day I walked across the stage with my joint bachelors degree and masters degree, all of which I completed in 4.5 years before I turned 22. (I must be nuts!) I don't have an athletic, artsy or adventurous bone in my body. And yet I am completely content with my life, more like in love with it.

All four sisters from the same parents. All grew up together in the same household. All ended up on vastly different life trajectories. Athletic, artsy, adventurous, academic. And we LOVE each other.


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