Monday, October 11, 2010


Sometimes life gets crazy. I don't really realize how crazy until a little ways into a crazy spell when I haven't done laundry for three weeks, haven't gotten groceries or cooked a meal at home since who knows when and suddenly am overwhelmed with a desire to just be at home. Between tax deadlines, meetings, youth sponsoring, pastor's wife-ing, church-ing, knitting hats to fill orders and all the little stuff that falls in between...the past month has been somewhat nuts. I'm honestly kind of pooped.

But life has been some pretty awesome kinds of crazy amidst the exhausting kind of crazy.

Crazy #1: I started an Etsy shop...and it's a complete flop. My listings aren't very good and my items have stagnated at a max of 15 views. But you know what? It doesn't matter to me because I have orders for knitted hats coming out of my ears!! I almost wish I could have the week or so back that I spent setting up my Etsy shop and making things besides hats. I was ignoring this crazy awesome thing right before my eyes. Today I mailed ten pumpkin hats to Beulah's in Fredericksburg and will soon be working on an order for 20 more fun colored hats to send there. A coworker wants eight hats for gifts and I've got Central's Market coming up December 4th where I'll have a vendor booth to sell even more. I had no idea this fun little hobby would turn into a full blown side business! Crazy!

Crazy #2: Our church has already sold almost $10,000 worth of pumpkins in just a little over one week. WHAT?? That's a whooooooooole lot of pumpkins. The children's and youth ministries are having a whopper of a fundraiser right now, lemme tell ya. Crazy!

Crazy #3: One of my college roomates got engaged this past weekend! Rachael Suzanne Wheatley, also known as Roo, is now sportin' a gorgeous ring, given to her by Mr. Matt Waldvogel. I have not met Matt yet, but I can tell from their photos and the way she talks about him that he is a pretty cool guy. She texted me "I said yes!" and a picture of her left hand with her new bling Saturday night. There was much squealing. It made me remember the night I texted her "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" and came back to our Baylor apartment to show off my new bling. I am SO incredibly happy for her and Matt and so glad that she gets to experience that giddy joy. Ok, tearing up a lil right now, not gonna lie. Roo: do not have a car crash due to staring at your ring, and I hope you have caught up on the sleep you lost Saturday night due to complete and unspeakable happiness. Love you like crazy dear friend!

Crazy #4: It's always nice to have company in the loony bin. Kristin leads a crazy life too and we seem to bond over said craziness. It's nice to have someone to send "oh my gosh, I just want to have time to clean my house!" texts to and exchange updates with on our failed attempts to quit drinking cokes or start jogging... And we seem to be able to keep connected pretty well even during the crazy spells, although I am soooo looking forward to our intense crafting B&B weekend getaway coming up in a few weeks!

So anyway, I guess there is good crazy and bad crazy. And right now I must go shuffle the laundry I am trying to catch up on...

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