Friday, November 5, 2010


You may recall a while back when I was sad that my blog was rather purposeless. Well I will still have some purposeless entries in here, but I am also going to add the purpose of blogging about my crafting adventures. I thought about starting a separate blog for it but figured, what the heck, I'll just combine them.

My current crafting adventure is hats. Hats, hats and more hats. Still working hard to fill orders and I'm getting closer to feeling like I'm on top of them. This crafting retreat weekend could not be more perfectly timed. Some lovely ladies and I are going to Ragle's Retreat this weekend to knit, bead, scrapbook, chat, eat and have a good time. My goal is to finish at least 16 hats this weekend, which I think I can do. At about an hour a piece, we shall see. I'll have basically from 1:00 today until about 3:00 Sunday (that includes knitting in the car on the way there and back) so that should be plenty of time. Just depends on if I stay focused and if my hands don't start hurting like they tend to do after large chunks of knitting time. I am bringing our laptop to have digital scrapbooking as a back up option for a change of pace/rest for hands. Overall, I am SO excited about this weekend and ready to get away and get a lot of hats done!

So, anyway, I'll start putting some more pictures of hats on this blog. I have had several people interested in seeing pictures of them that I was not friends with on facebook, which is currently my only place they are displayed. So I want to be able to send people here to see pictures as well, since it is more easily accessible. In the meantime, here are some pictures of happy hat customers!

Savannah in her TCU hat

Patrick and Amanda, Sic Em Bears!

Jessie's niece, little Bear

Mary Katherine, lookin' snazzy and stayin' warm

MK's friend's baby boy in his hunting hat

Many thanks to those who have purchased any of my hats so far. I really appreciate your interest in my work. If you have bought a hat from me and have taken a picture while wearing it, please send it to me! I would love to post more happy hat customer pics!

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