Friday, January 7, 2011

You Know Your Husband Is A Youth Minister When...

Just a few things I have observed over the past 8 months. :-)

You know your husband is a youth minister when...

~ You rarely ride to church in/on the same vehicle.

~ You left one of said vehicles at church, meaning to pick it up later but forget until just when you are going to bed. Ugh.

~ You have leftover pizza in your fridge that you did not pay for.

~ You stare at text messages from youth together to figure out what some of the acronyms and abbreviations mean.

~ Your laundry loads contain a growing number of youth event t-shirts.

~ You know you'll spend at least two weeks of the summer alone at home.

~ "That's what she said" and "Yer mom" become part of your vocabulary.

~ You spend your second wedding anniversary at a church board meeting.

~ You don't ever have to worry about cooking dinner on Wednesday nights.

~ You are considering giving up half of your total vacation time for the year to go on the mission trip.

~ You and he have a serious discussion regarding the shape of his goatee.

~ You stay up till 1:00 am, spend the night at the church, then go to the office the next day.

~ If a church member needs to get something to you, you just tell them to put it in the youth room.

~ You have frequent mini date nights to sporting events and school plays.

~ You stop by Relay for Life at midnight to see if he or the youth need anything.

~ You have a special color code in your Outlook calendar at work for "Youth Activities".

~ Your Google Docs list includes lesson plans he has shared with you for input.

~ You have a drawing on your fridge from a youth.

~ Your wedding photo album has been used as an idea book for some of the youth girls who are already planning their future weddings.

~ You have stopped by the church just to go to the bathroom.

~ Your "weekend" getaways are usually Thursday-Saturday.

~ Your own coworkers are probably tired of seeing yet another postcard in the breakroom advertising an upcoming church fundraiser or event.

~ He offers to teach you how to ride his motorcycle in the church parking lot.

~ You wonder where one of his only two pairs of khakis disappeared to and find them weeks later in his office.

~ You wonder where all your drinking glasses and coffee cups disappeared to and find them weeks later in his office.

~ You plan your tax season overtime schedule so you can still make it to Wednesday night youth group.

~ You joke that your own ministry is to earn money so your husband can be a youth minister.

That's me and Trent in the back. And that's Nathan, Jonda, Carlie, RJ and Stephanie in the front. Yes, that is the choo-choo train at Kiddie Land. That day was a blast.

Love him. Love this adventure we are on.


  1. Hey Anna! I found your blog on Amanda's Married to a Youth Pastor blog and I LOOOOOVE this post! I don't think it could be any more accurate! And most of them made me laugh out loud. ;) Youth ministry is just a different breed, isn't it?!


  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I had a lot of fun coming up with all of these...I'm sure I'll think of more as we go.