Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rose Jar

My 24th birthday was a few weeks ago, on January 15th. I spent the entire day before it in our annual Tax Season Kickoff Meeting. (Try not to be jealous) When it was over, I came out to my car to find it washed and detailed inside and out and a gorgeous arrangement of pink roses in the cup holder:

I was so happy! Major points for my loving husband, both for the clean car and the roses, which he explained away as "Well I figured your clean car needed an air freshener..." :-) I enjoyed the roses in all their glory for a few days then began my plan to turn them into a Rose Jar, which I had been wanting to do for a while. I am totally stealing this idea from Angela, whose beautiful rose jars can be found here and here. Gorgeous. And such a great idea. So when my roses started to get a little bit droopy...

I hung them up to dry in our guest bathroom and set the ribbon aside in the kitchen to use for the jar. I even told Trent "Hey don't toss this ribbon, I'm going to use it."

The next morning I woke up to find this in the den:

Oooooh I cried. I was SO upset. STUPID DOG!!!!! At first I wondered how she jumped all the way up to the shower curtain rod to tear down my precious roses, but when I went into the guest bathroom I realized it was my own fault. I had not secured them well enough and they had all fallen down. Luckily, she had not destroyed them all and I salvaged what I could, making sure to secure them better this time. But Lucy even got the ribbon off the kitchen counter as if she knew it would add to my heartbreak. UGH!!

I persevered. The flowers dried successfully and last night I put together my first rose jar. It turned out great, even though it is not completely full of flowers. If the dumb dog hadn't destroyed some of them, it would have been the perfect amount. Alas. But I love it anyway! While I was putting the flowers in the jar in my craft room I hollered out to the living room at Trent, "Hey babe, I'm using needle nose pliers in a craft project." "That's ma girl!"

I put the little bitty pink baby's breath lookin' flowers as a layer on the bottom and then a few on top too. Then wrapped some pink yarn around the top and tied it in a bow. Ta-da! I am going to make a cute tag to tie onto it to tell what the flowers were for, but I'm not sure how I want to do that yet. I think I may ask Trent to get back in the birthday mood and write a little note for me and date it. We shall see.

So, I finally made my rose jar and it turned out pretty well. I hinted to Trent that I would love to eventually have a collection of these from different occasions. * wink wink *

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