Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Need a Rain Out

Trent and I have had a streak of bad luck lately. Or a losing streak. Whatever you want to call it. In baseball, you don't mess with a winning streak and you need a rain out to break a losing streak. Well I'm hoping that the rain the other day has set us straight and we won't have any more problems. Allow to me elaborate.

First, Trent discovered gas in the air breather on his bike which is a no-no and needed fixed.

Then, after he was pretty sure he fixed that, he took the bike for a test ride and got a flat tire.

Then, while the bike was still out of commission due to its lack of tire, Trent informed me that the radiator on the truck was leaking, also a no-no. We were a one car couple for a day or two, but got a new tire for the bike and got the radiator fixed.

Then, the carburetor on the bike became the problem (or maybe it was to begin with? I don't understand), so the bike is still out of commission.

Then, Trent's mp3 player took a trip through the washing machine.

Then, we came home one evening to find that the dog had chewed on my special little Bible that Trent gave me. Argh, I was SO sad.

Then, the dishwasher spewed gallons of water out into the kitchen, adding a few extra hills and valleys in the already unlevel floor. Trent is pretty sure he fixed it, but we have yet to be brave enough to test it (more like have time enough to sit there and watch it).

Then, the finale (so far) is that Trent barely bonked the edge of the laptop and the screen went technicolor kablooey. Bye bye laptop.

Then, I read a recent installment of my little book "Jesus Calling" and it said this:

Be on guard against the pit of self-pity. When you are weary or unwell, this demonic trap is the greatest danger you face. Don't even go near the edge of the pit. Its edges crumble easily, and before you know it, you are on the way down. It is ever so much harder to get out of the pit than to keep a safe distance from it. That is why I tell you to be on guard.
There are several ways to protect yourself from self-pity. When you are occupied with praising and thanking Me, it is impossible to feel sorry for yourself. Also, the closer you live to Me, the more distance there is between you and the pit. Live in the Light of My Presence by fixing your eyes on Me. Then you will be able to run with endurance the race that is set before you, without stumbling or falling.
Psalm 89:15-16; Hebrews 12:1-2

Ok God. Trying very hard to focus on You and not let all this stuff get us down.

Throughout all this I have been immensely grateful to my amazing husband for running around like crazy getting vehicles worked on, spending a morning with his head in the dishwasher, being technically creative in his lack of work computer even though its an urgent need now and generally keeping our life (and my sanity) held together while I live at the office. Love him.

Bring on the rain.

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