Friday, February 11, 2011

Chugging Along

I know it has been rather chilly lately (understatement) but I wanted to give my blog a springy facelift anyway. I like it!

I've just been chugging along lately, working, working, working. Tax season is upon me in full force and I've gotten used to my routine pretty well so far. That doesn't mean I'm not exhausted by the end of each week though. I realized this afternoon that I could leave at 4:15 today and still end up with 56 hours for the week, that's one hour more than is required of us. I have to help train the little baby interns for half of tomorrow and I normally don't work on weekends, so that gave me some lee way (sp?) during the week. It's all sort of a game. When can I fit in hours? When can I not fit in hours? Should I work extra early in the week so I can leave a bit earlier on Friday when my brain = fried. Eesh. It's alright! As my Mama always says, "Go, Fight, Win!"

So. Update on my new year's resolutions? Sure. I am on track with my Bible in a year readings and just finished Deuteronomy the other day. Snoozer. Now I'm into Joshua and the Israelites are just roaming around killing everyone in their path. Meanies. Meanwhile, during all of this reading, I often find myself singing the books of the Bible song that I learned in homeschool ages ago. The problem is I get to about Proverbs and then launch into Philippians and Colossians. Wrong testament and not even the same tune. I may have to call up my mom or sisters and see if they can help me get to Malachi. I still remember the New Testament song all the way through and sing it sometimes...with gusto. Trent laughs at me.

Anyway. Exercise and nutritional efforts? I'm down 8 pounds since the beginning of the year. Yay! I did 30 Day Shred for 26 days of January. I intended it to be 29 but I got kind of sick at the end of the month. Since then I haven't exercised as much but have brought some of my other workout dvds out of the drawer. I am still very motivated by stickers on the calendar (don't judge me) so that alone is sometimes reason for me to work out. You'd think I'd be more motivated by number of calories burned, energy gained or weight lost. Nope, I heart stickers.

My resolution to simplify and cut some stuff out sort of happens every tax season anyway because I live at the office and don't have time for some of the regular stuff I do normally. I haven't had much me time but that's to be expected. It's ok. My wonderful hubby has been doing chores and doing my laundry and basically keeping our home life held together so I have a peaceful place to come home to after work. Sometimes that is just to sleep, but I really appreciate it and I love him for it. My cat baby brings me joy every day and our crazy dog makes us laugh a lot.

Alright, well I'm taking two of my chickadees (youth girls) to the Justin Bieber movie tonight (and therefore have their eternal gratitude and undying love, no biggee) so I'm going to find some dinner then head that way.

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