Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Kids

A conversation between me and Trent, during intermission of Hunter's school play Saturday night:

Trent: What if we took our kids to somewhere like Haiti someday?
Anna: Uh, for real?  That's pretty intense for kids and one of us would spend the enter time babysitting and not doing any mission work...
Trent: Oh it would only be our highschoolers for sure.
Anna: Babe, that is like forever away. We don't even have babies yet.
Trent: Nooooo, I was talking about our youth kids at church!
Anna: Oooooh, I was talking about our biological kids that don't exist yet!

Oh ma goodness.  The conversation and confusion actually went on longer than that before we figured out what we were each talking about but that gives you the gist of it.

It's true.  We have like 17 kids already, all tweens or teens and we love them all.  

As for biological kids...not yet.  

We'll focus on raising "our" tweenagers and teenagers for a while longer before we embark on the baby adventure.


  1. Love this! Had a similar conversation at church one Wednesday. There was a tornado warning and we were getting everyone where they needed to be.
    Children's Minister: Where are your kids at?
    Me: At my dad's.
    Children's Minister: No, the youth kids.
    Me: Oh, sorry - I was in mom mode. Teens are all safe in a room with no windows.

  2. It went on for quite a while before we realized we were talking about two different things!

  3. Have you seen this Skit Guys video

    1. Haha, I had not seen that before. That's hilarious! I went to a Jr high band concert last year that some of our kids were in. They did much better than this skit though. I was impressed.