Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog Your Heart

So, I'm taking on a challenge that I found on Angela's blog, who got it from someone named Stephanie, who I don't know.  (I know like 5 Stephanies, but not this one.)

The challenge is to blog your heart.  No rules but to be authentic.  I think I'm up for the challenge.  So here's what's on my heart at the moment.

1. I miss my mama and my sisters.
They are three stinkin' hours away either in the Burg or San Antonio and I'm busy and they're all busy and it's hard to find time to travel and see each other very often.  This coming weekend we had it all set up for me and mom to swap Abby in Lampasas (halfway between Fred and Waco) and she and I were going to spend the weekend going to the Baylor homecoming bonfire, jogging, junktiquing, fro-yo-ing, etc. Well, turns out she has a basketball game Saturday morning so the Abboo swap won't work out afterall. (This is the third time we've tried it)  I couldn't help crying when I found this out and I'm upset now about it.  Turns out I can just as easily pop all the way down to Fredericksburg for the weekend instead, since I had it blocked off, had already budgeted for gas and Trent will be at a youth retreat.  So I'll probably do that and still get to see Abby (and see her play bball!) and mom and maybe the other seesters can pop in from SA.  All that to say, I wish I got to see them more.  My sisters are funny, unique, talented young women and I miss them like crazy.

2. I miss Steph and Rach.
I miss them lots of times but this evening I was back on Baylor campus for an accounting dinner so I'm all nostalgic about our college days, roomie fun, ridiculous laughs, talking each other through tricky stuff...building forts in the living room of our apartment...  Those are days I cherish and remember fondly.  They are also stinkin' far away, Rach moreso than Steph.  I actually looked up flight prices to NC recently to see if I could afford a random jaunt to visit Mrs. Newlywed, even though I already flew there once this year, but I think all the airlines I checked on were laughing in my face.  As Roo would say "Boo urns."

3. Most of my pants are falling down.  Ok not exactly falling down, but they are loose. Like, the new pants I bought after losing weight this year.  It makes me both happy and super annoyed.  I don't think I've lost more weight (haven't been on a scale in a couple months) so I don't know what the deal is.  Whatevs.  I have clothes to wear. I'll just be grateful for that.

4. Me and God are homies lately.  It's pretty great.  I tend to think I can't pursue certain things on my own, that I need other, more "knowledgeable" people to guide me, but I'm taking some things into my own hands and finding that there is a lot of learning, growing, seeking and knocking I can do on my own.

5. I'm very proud of my husband. He works really hard, accomplishes a lot, luuuvs these youth. He is a living example of humility and encourages me to follow Matthew 6:34.

6. I'm really, really tired.  It's 9:13 p.m., that means it's time for us to be headed to bed.  Oh wait, Trent is already half asleep with his head in a pillow sandwich and holding my stuffed dog, Graham, hostage.  (24 year olds are allowed to sleep with a stuffed animal if their husband gave it to them after he bought it at the same time as their engagement ring....FYI)

What's on your heart?


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