Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adoption Spotlight - One Less Orphan, One More Trimble

I'd like to introduce you to the Trimble family...

Eric, Stacy, and their four kiddos are the youth ministry family (because when a church hires a YM, it hires the whole family!) at the church Trent's family attends.  Stacy and I became friends on Facebook recently after Trent's sister told them about our hope of fostering and adopting.  We are now online friends that have never actually met, but share a bond already.  

The Trimble family is in the process of adopting from Uganda.  

I want to take some time to spotlight their family's heart for adoption and their experience with it so far.  I also want to shamelessly drum up support for their active step of faith in bringing a child into their home and family.  First, I'd like to share this special video of theirs that can give you a glimpse of their family, their journey and their heart for adoption:

As you can see, this is a family dedicated to this calling and willing to stretch their limits and their wallet to provide a home for a child in need.  The Trimble family is currently on a waiting list to be put on a waiting list.  Kind of confusing I know, but basically they are waiting to step in line to wait for their referral or their "match" with a child.   

So, how can you help the Trimble family bring home their son or daughter, brother or sister?

You can like their Facebook page and follow their adventure by clicking here.

You can send a donation to their Paypal account, via

You can purchase one of Stacy's beautiful hand made Ring Slings to "wear your baby" close to your heart.  Many, many pretty patterns available.  Check out her Facebook page for pictures and prices: Baby Hugger Ring Slings And Tiny Things.  

Pockets available!

She can even make dolly sized slings for your daughter.

I bet if you asked, she'd jump at the chance to make some manly camo, striped or solid color slings so all those baby boys and daddy's girls out there can hang out close to Daddy.  

The final way you can help this family is to pray for them.  Pray for Eric and Stacy and their precious children, the four already living with and loved by them and the one they have yet to welcome into their family.  Pray for calm and perseverance.  Pray that God would continue to prepare their hearts for this new member of their family.  And pray for their son or daughter, brother or sister, wherever they are right now.  Pray for safety, food, shelter and peace as this child waits for his or her forever family.

Will you jump on board with me and help support this sweet family in their adoption?

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