Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear Men, Please Keep Telling Her She Is Beautiful

Dear Men,

If you tell your wife or girlfriend she's wearing a pretty outfit, but she shrugs and says she thinks it looks frumpy...please keep telling her she looks pretty.

If you tell her she looks sexy in a ponytail with no make up, but she rolls her eyes and says "whatever"...please keep telling her she is sexy.

If you tell her she is perfect the way she is and you wouldn't change one pound or inch on her, but she continues to frown into the mirror at wrinkles or wiggles...please keep telling her she is perfect just the way she is.

If you tell her she is beautiful, but she snickers and claims "Eh you're just supposed to say that"...please keep telling her she is beautiful.

Because, you see, inside she is probably thinking...

He thinks I look pretty.
He finds me sexy.
I am perfect in his eyes.
I am beautiful.

Men, please, please tell her she is beautiful.  Even if she doesn't seem to accept it or believe it, please keep telling her.  For the sake of women everywhere faced with today's epidemic of low self esteem and high worldly standards, say it, proclaim it, repeat it.   Tell her, remind her, convince her.


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