Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary aka We Bought a Boat

As of today, Trent and I have been married for five years.   FIVE YEARS!!!  Man, time flies when you are having fun.   To celebrate our anniversary, we spent a few days at Juniper Cove Marina on Lake Whitney.    Lots of fishing, grilling and relaxing.

And then this happened.........

Let's back up for a moment.  You see, Trent and I have heretofore said we would never own a boat, that it is an extravagant and unnecessary expense, that there are many other better ways the thousands of dollars typically spent on a boat could be used.  And yet, here we are: boat owners.   What gives?  Why the sudden change of heart?  Oh, there was no change of heart.  We still think expensive boats are ridiculous. But this is a different story.   Scroll back up to the picture above.  See the fishing boat, the trailer and the motor?

We got it all for $150.

No, I didn't forget any zeroes.  One hundred and fifty dollars.  We had been looking for a canoe or small flat bottom boat to fish from and couldn't even find one of those for $150.  But thanks to a good ole boy who had no time to use or mess with this boat and a very badly labeled Craiglist ad called "man things for sale" that somehow came up in Trent's search, we've got ourselves a 1968 Skeeter Hawk fishing boat with Johnson motor and trailer.

Now, we aren't entirely sure if the motor works and we hear we should not turn it on out of water or else it'll burn up.  (True or false, anyone know?)  But we can back it down a boat ramp or otherwise get it in water and my handyman husband can probably get it running if it's not already.  If it's a goner, we can hope for more Craigslist luck and find another motor.

There are some plants and ants growing in it...

 And until it gets a good bath, it'll turn ya green...

We fully realize that it needs a little lot of TLC and probably some repairs.   In fact, as we pulled it down the highway towards home, still in disbelief of what had just transpired, we got caught up in a fit of giggles and hollered to some unhearing cars, "Hey look at our crappy boat we just bought!!"

It is indeed a crappy boat.   But for a start up cost of only 150 bucks, we can put a little more into as needed in order to get it up and running and not feel like we need a tetanus shot before going out in it. We'll also very shortly find a place for it to live besides the front of our house.

Worst case scenario, if the whole thing is a bust and it ends up being a stupid dead end, we could probably sell it off as-is and get back our cost.

Worst, worst case scenario, we paid $150 for some delicious fits of laughter after driving off with a boat hitched to the back of our truck and some more proof that our life is crazy, ridiculous and absolutely wonderful.

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