Friday, July 5, 2013

Flashback to Theater - The Music Man

In the summer of 2002, I spent a bit of time in River City, Iowa.    Ok, not really.  Actually I spent time on stage as a River City teen in Fredericksburg Theater Company's production of The Music Man.  This is a wonderful, classic show with lots of fun musical numbers and I had a blast.   I think this may have been my favorite show I did with FTC, although South Pacific is a very, very close second.

Hair bows, sash bows, petticoats, toe pinchy character shoes and ringlets, which meant I had to use hair glue to get my hair to stay curled. Yes, hair glue. It's a thing.

Quickest costume change of our life out of this costume back to our dresses.  No time to even get to the dressing room, we four just did a switcheroo in the wings and formed a line to zip zippers and re-fasten sash bows, with the nice curtain lady bringing up the rear.

Can you find me in the middle in green?  And that's my brother John on the left in orange.  FTC shows tended to be a family affair.

Oh we got trouble, trouble, trouble, right here in River City...

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