Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Miscellaneous Life Updates

Ready for a whirlwind collection of miscellaneous life updates?  Ready, set, go.

First of all, it's a Wednesday night and we are not with the youth group.  This past Sunday was our last day at the church that has been our home for 6 years and Trent's employer for 3.   It was a wonderful, bittersweet day.  We are excited for this new phase of our life but are so sad to be leaving our kids.

Trent begins seminary in less than a month.  Baylor and school related events are starting to show up in my calendar, including "Financial settlement due".  

Our crappy boat actually works.  Redneck yacht club, here we come.

On the foster care front, we are still whipping our house into shape and will begin our training classes on September 12th which will be Tuesday and Thursday nights for about five weeks.  I know I said in this post that they would be in August, but that was never certain.   We are beginning to think that when DFPS tells us when something will be, we need to plan on it actually being a month later than that...   Our training classes are now in the mix of tax deadlines for me and after school program for Trent at Mission Waco, but we are gonna make it work, by golly.  We ain't puttin' this off any longer!

I began working overtime in July for the fall tax deadlines.   First time for everything I suppose.

Trent informed me this afternoon that he would "be up all night smoking".    .....'scuse me??  "Brisket...smoking a brisket for Mission Waco program tomorrow."    Oooooooooh.

I had my annual evaluation at work and my company appears to appreciate me and wants me to stick around.  Who knew?  (Hint: I did.)

We are going to go visit my family this weekend and are going to visit Trent's at the end of this month.  And we get to stay through Sunday for the first time in three years.........whoa.

I've been fighting a cold or allergies or something since Friday.  Therefore I am going to bed.  Night night.

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