Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear Men, Sometimes We Actually Don't Know What's Wrong

Dear Men,

Recently Trent and I hung out with one of Mission Waco's summer interns for an evening.  Her name is Rebecca and she is so sweet and intent on soaking up every bit of life she can.  At one point, over some delish sandwiches, she asked us to tell her something we have learned from being married.  Trent thought for a minute and said the following:

"Sometimes women actually don't know what's wrong, when you ask them. It took me about four and a half years of marriage to learn that."

I sat back in my chair and beamed at my husband.

You see, men, it's true.  When your wife or girlfriend is being kind of quiet, mopey or blah, you ask her what's wrong, and she says "I don't really know"...sometimes it's true.  Sometimes we don't have a flippin' clue what's wrong.   We may be tired, hungry, pms-ing, or missing our mom, but we may not realize it.  Yes, yes, I admit there are times when we know exactly what is wrong, but for whatever reason we are withholding that information...probably because we are mad at you for some reason.  Not nice of us, I know.  But I promise, there are times when we are just quiet, just mopey or just blah and we have no idea why.

So, what can you do in times like these, when the woman in your life is not herself but doesn't know what's wrong?  First, quit asking incessantly what's wrong. That'll only make things worse and suddenly what's wrong with her is you. Instead, ask if you can do anything for her or maybe, just give her a good hug, tell her you love her and let her be blah or quiet for a little while.  

The woman in your life is a human being, and a complex one at that.  When you commit to someone, you commit to their highs and their lows.  The low spots happen sometimes and it's ok to just let them be.


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