Thursday, January 2, 2014

In Which A Friendship Fueled By Burgers and Tax Returns Comes Full Circle

So, I have this friend named Sonya.  We go way back, to about 2005.  She and I were the dynamic duo of President (her) and Treasurer (me) that ran Baylor Habitat For Humanity for a couple crazy years and somehow managed to raise $40,000 to sponsor a Habitat house. The entire frame of said house was then built on Baylor campus right by Fountain Mall by a gaggle of eager little freshman, sat for a week in the name of raising awareness for our fine collegiate organization (come on, what does that better than a whole house frame sitting on campus?!), then carefully deconstructed and moved to the actual home site.  It was quite possibly the most stressful summer of our lives.

After shoving placing the Baylor Habitat reigns into the hands of some newbee officers, we carried out the remainder of our college years and launched into adulthood, where our friendship has morphed into a dependable annual exchange of a tax return in Sonya's hand for a burger in my belly, as well as, for a time, my name and number listed as her (and I quote) "contact person who would call the appropriate people if she was maimed, dismembered, eaten, etc....while at work," in the event of which, "I may have her car and Trent may have her G.I. Joe Collection."  So yeah, we're buds. 

But our I'll-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine friendship came full circle a couple months ago.  By way of preface, I'll remind you that once upon a time, I got married.  Not being in favor of unnecessary stress on a day when my main job was to look pretty and say "heck yes I do" to the man of my dreams, I asked Sonya to be my wedding day manager.  She made sure candles were lit, vendors were on task, people were where they needed to be, etc.  And when boutonnieres came up missing since the florist apparently forgot that small detail of our order, Sonya made some appear out of thin air from centerpiece roses. Frankly, she kicked butt as a wedding manager. 

In honor of those previous few weeks of me stressing out and her remaining calm and being awesome, we posed this photo right after the ceremony, May 18, 2008:

And now about that full circle thing...  I give you November 16, 2013:

All is well in the cosmic balance of mine and Sonya's friendship.

Carry on.

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  1. Love it. It is such a blessing to have known you and Trent before each other, see you marry, and now watch the amazing community changers you have become as a couple. I use you two all the time when people of our generation say, "Well, what can I do??" And when people of older generations say, "Your generation doesn't care about anything important." Thank you SO much for helping with the wedding. It is a big compliment when someone with diagnosed OCD says, "Sure, I trust you to run everything..." Love ya both. Yes, even the Trenton...most of the time.