Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Takeaways And Tidbits Lately Vol. 3

As for me, I care deeply for all the watching eyes, waiting for something real, something that heals instead of wounds. I dream of a faith community that demonstrates a love so scandalous and embarrassing that only the foolish and the rejected and the misfits and the cynics will find any solace in it.  My heart's cry is that someone far outside the sphere of Christian endorsement might whisper, "Even me?" and be stunned by Jesus' answer: "Always you."

Jen Hatmaker in "The Duck Thing: Is There Another Way?"


We are thinking of adopting.  It's not that we have tried and failed at having kids, we just feel called to adopt.  I think when I read your blog on the subject that is when I decided we had so much in common.  More than that I felt like someone finally understands me. I can't tell you, which I'm sure you've had the same experience, the number of people that seem baffled by my wanting to adopt rather than attempting to have my own kids.  It is just so comforting to think there is someone who might just understand my feelings and have the same excitement, fears, questions, desires, etc, that I do on this.

A facebook message from a friend that encouraged me immensely and caused me to send a very lengthy reply that boiled down to "Yes, hearts like ours exist!  They are few and far between but we're around, I promise!"


Upon seeing the word "swanky" in a bedtime crossword clue:

Trent: I didn't know that was a real word.
Me: Of course.  How many times have you heard me say "swanky swank"?
Trent: Babe, there are a lot of words in your vocabulary that aren't actual words...


Upon receiving jury summons and claiming an exemption for being in school:

Trent: I bet I won't get picked for many juries once they figure out I'm a minister.
Me:  Because you have faith in humanity?
Trent:  And, ya know, grace, mercy...

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