Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Still Novel Experience Of Skipping Church

In the past week, Trent and I have spent 38 hours at the theater.

We will spend another 4+ there today for our final show and striking the set.

Trent has hundreds of pages of homework to read for classes this coming week.

We are scraping the bottom of the barrel for clean dishes, clean clothes and groceries.

Church starts in 12 minutes.

And we will not be there.

For the three years that Trent worked in church youth ministry, the few times we missed a Sunday were planned in advance, requested off, few and far between, and for good reason, like holidays or his grandfather's funeral.  When church is your job, that's just the way it has to go and that's fine.

Since he left his church position last August, we have skipped church for no good reason only one time.  Well, we had a reason but it was simply the realization of "whoa, we can do this."   We are so happy to have found a new church to land in where we have been loved and included from the get-go that...we don't want to skip.

In a few minutes, Pastor James will begin the service, Miss Candy may notice we aren't there but she'll probably guess why since she came to our show yesterday.   Hymns will be sung, children taught, a message given and received, communion taken together as a family.

But...Trent will be on the sofa reading about the Babylonian Creation Epic and I will be shuffling loads of laundry.

And that's ok too.

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