Tuesday, June 10, 2014

400th Post...Say WHAT?

Guess how many blog posts I have published...guess...oh wait, I gave it away in the title.   FOUR HUNDRED.

Um, last time I checked, that was a LOT of words.  In honor of my 400th post, I thought I'd share a few fun facts about this lil ole blogosphere of mine.

Total page views to date:  35,268

Three most popular posts:
Budget Basics Part 2 - How To Maintain A Budget  3,836 views
Budget Basics Part 1 - How To Create A Budget   1,932 views (these BLEW UP on Pinterest and I'm not even on Pinterest)
God's Plan For Growing Our Family  416 views  (start posting about babies and people are bound to click)

Three most popular pages/categories:
Money     438 views
Adoption & Foster Care  368 views
A+T=Love  151 views

Most amusing googled keywords that led someone to my blog:  "men and sandals socks"   ....I can only imagine due to this post

How many of you read my blog via Windows:  42%

How many of you read my blog via Apple:   37%

Top three countries besides the US where people have viewed my blog:
Russia      628 views
Canada    565 views
Australia  227 views (I think this is my college classmate Lindsay)

Number of comments on the blog:  115

How many of you readers out there are awesome: ALL OF YOU!!!

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  1. Congrats on your little corner of the blogsphere. It's such an inspiring one.