Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things I'm Into Lately seminary classes, Trent gets off at 5 instead of 7:30, I have Friday afternoons off...

How green Texas is right now

My mom, the best OmaJean everrrr

Our hilarious, happy boy:

This lady...aka Kristin, KRB turned KRH, a kindred spirit, pep talker, sounding board, milkshake fetching partner and fellow Goldfish obsessor

Paying landscapers four digits that begin with a three to regrade dirt and lay drains and pipes in our yard so our house will stop flooding when it pours rain, then till, level and lay sod........oh wait, I'm not into this...this sucks...minus the sod.  I'm into that.

My hot husband

Also apples...

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  1. We do share a love for all things great and lovely... Cream pie shakes, parmesan fish, sitting on boats eating pizza, etc. Wait- I just realized most of these things involve leisure time and snacks. We need more of both. =)