Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oh What A Year It Has Been

A year ago today our world was rocked.  Ok, that's an understatement.  We had two babies plopped in our home with some diapers and some paperwork and began the greatest journey of our lives so far.  A year ago we had just met a little baby girl with more things she couldn't do than could for her age and a little boy who didn't talk.   There were no smiles the first few weeks for either, no personality, no health.  But now?  We've got a smart curly girl with an attitude and smiles for days and a handsome little boy who gives amazing hugs and can count to ten (with a little help between three and four usually).  A year ago we had no idea where this would go.  But now?  We know these two kids will be ours forever.

It was really, really hard in the beginning and at various times since.  We couldn't have made it without some really amazing people in our lives to help us, advise us, calm us and root for us.

So thank you...

To all our church people that put their names on a literal sign up list for daily shifts to come over and help me in the evenings for the first few weeks of craziness when Trent was at work and I was at home freaking out by myself with kids.  Even those of you who may have come over and thought I appeared to have things under control, or those of you I didn't really know that well at the time or even still, I needed you there.  I needed you and you stepped up.

To Sonya, Jason, Stephanie, Kathryn, Katy and Carlie for babysitting and Maddie, Marley and Bethany for manning womaning the church nursery.

To Mama Judy and Mister Bob for...oh that list would never end.

To Randy for his name tag and Pastor James for all the sloppy sugars.

To my mom for being Dr. OmieJean, providing helpful advice for sick kids, the more-valuable-than-she-knows comment "You're doing everything right", and a standing offer to hop in the car and bail us out of throw up or fever because sometimes "this is a job for grandma."

To John and Ashley for being foster friends, a sounding board for frustrations about CPS, bittersweet milestones and crazy stories.

To Uncle Joey for being a precious presence in our kids' lives.  Also a jungle gym.

To Kristin for being an ever present and willing participant in my heartache, worries, joys, milestones, updates, complaints and coffee runs.

To my office for being flexible with me during this very, very important time for our family.

To our kids' caseworker and our social worker for what they do for us and for the foster system.

To the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who have embraced these little ones as part of the family, helped change diapers, read books, babysat, allowed me and Trent some breaks, and covered our children with love.

Oh what a year it has been.  Am I right?  Here's to many, many more because these kids are stickin' around!


  1. It really has been an amazing year and an amazing story. I've really enjoyed following along as we've begun our journey in foster care. Do you think you'll continue to foster after adopting your little ones?

    1. We'll keep our license up to date but not take any more placements for a while until these kids get older. We've got our hands plenty full for now!