Monday, February 2, 2015

Things I'm Working On

Eating real food
No, I don't mean organic food or non-processed food. Ain't nobody got time for that. I just mean that it's not uncommon lately for me to eat a hodge podge of randomness for lunch and dinner, like a PBJ sandwich and some cheese, or a salad and cereal, or just cereal.   I feel kind of gross a lot of the time and I know it's because I'm not actually fueling my body with legit food or enough of it.  Life is just busy and I need to carve out a little more intention and care for mama's tummy.

Writing letters to my grandmothers
I used to be so faithful with this.  Ugh.  It is in my power to send little nuggets of joy via snail mail and I should do it more often.

Speaking up
No, I don't mean speaking up for a cause or advocating for something.  I just mean literally speaking louder.  As in, a lot of the time, my husband cannot understand what I am saying.

This used to be my jam, but I've been on and off with it for the past few years.  It's still something I value though, so I've begun trying to find little blips of time to write, including my weekly night off from parenting.

Sitting up straight
Because desk job.

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