Monday, May 18, 2015

Anniversary Number Seven

A few days ago in the grocery store we ran into the pastor who married us.  He said "Y'all have an anniversary coming up pretty soon."   Yes, yes indeed. 

Here I sit in a local coffee shop, with my husband and our matching laptops, an afternoon off, a peach smoothie, a Lula Jane's cookie (aka heaven in saran wrap) and seven years of marriage behind us.  

Yeah seven.

As we approached this anniversary, some people guessed how many years we were coming up on and most were too low.  Many said six, so that's pretty close.  One said five. One said four.   People seem to forget that Trent and I were mere babes when we wed, not even out of college yet.  

We embarked in a wobbly, headstrong fashion into grown-up land and have been blazing our trail every since.  With each passing year, we have learned more about each other, challenged each other, cried together, laughed together, cursed together.  We have had successes, made mistakes, acted on brilliant ideas and tripped over bad ones.  Our friendship and camaraderie have a strength and depth unmatched by any others I've experienced in my life.  We are a team...when it comes to money, to time, to chores, to this ridiculous thing called parenting.  Our bond is a peaceful one, marred only by the ever so rare and short lived emotional tussle. Together we have learned how to grow up, how to set priorities, how to be gracious, how to die to self and live for others.

So here's to us.  I raise my peach smoothie and toast to seven exceptional years so far and many more to come.

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