Friday, May 29, 2015

A Love Poem For My Minivan

Dearest Homer,

It's been about half a year now
Since I traded in my sporty red car
I balked at buying a minivan
I never thought it would go this far

The ridicule came on fast
The van haters came on strong
I cried some tears from their words
But have since learned they are wrong

After a decent psychological hurdle
My affection for you now runs deep
I can't imagine any other pairing
Oh you to your death I will keep

I swoon at your spacious interior
Your head room, leg room, cargo space
With back seats down, who needs a truck?
Even landscaping timbers have a place

Your complexion isn't the best but
Dents and dings make no difference to me
I'm not so interested in what you look like
We're not in the business of being fancy

Your power steering is pretty wonky
Making turns is sometimes tough
But I just look on the bright side
My mama arms will get buff

Your cup holders are a little insane
They number one more than eleven
With almost two per passenger
We're definitely in drink holder heaven

I know there are fancier out there
You're not the newest model or year
But paying cash & incurring no debt
Was definitely cause for cheer

So, here's to us, dear Homer
Many more happy years I foresee
I raise my wine glass in a toast
To my darling Odyssey


  1. I saw your blog last week on TFI and I have been pretty much stalking it since then! I read almost every single one of your posts since last year when you first got your kiddos. My husband and I just started the licensing process to become foster parents, also as a first choice for our family. I am a social worker and did about a year with a private foster care agency, which started my passion for child welfare. My husband and I are still in our early twenties but have known we wanted to be foster parents since before we got married. Thanks so much for sharing your story!! Blessings to you as you continue on this journey!

    1. So good to hear from you and always good to learn of other young couples out there that are pursuing foster care!