Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In Which I Offer A Short Pep Talk To Parents

Sometimes in Parents Of Small Children Land, you end up with tears in your eyes, frustration in your heart, anger in your mouth and mud on your black dress pants.  You stumble into the house with two screaming children literally hanging off of you. Then your social worker makes an unannounced visit and asks her monthly "Any new stresses?" question and you say "You didn't see me forty minutes ago."

Dude.  Sometimes parenting is no joke.   Am I right?  

We've been entrusted with the care, health, behavior and general well being of tiny humans who rely on us to fulfill their every need.  Remind me who thought this was a smart idea?

Fellow parents out there...you can do it.  We can do it.  

On the days when one kid can't function if not glued to your body and another has conveniently chosen a mud puddle as a place to collapse in a tantrum.   On the days when bedtime comes early so you don't blow your top and, oh wait, too late.  When patience is thin and exhaustion is thick.

We can do it.  Do what exactly?  Our best.  We can do our best.  Some days that may be a pretty crappy version of a parent.  Other days that may be a vision of parenting perfection. There will be mud puddle tantrums, but there will also be smiles, hugs, I love yous, sweet quirks and praised behaviors.

Keep trucking, parents. Keep on keepin' on.

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