Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Those three letters are pretty magical, let me tell you. They are what I have been aspiring to for the past year and 8 months. (Holy smokes I've been at this a long time.) To those who witnessed this process, you know what I went through. To those that did not, you are lucky. It wasn't fun and it seemed to take forever, but now looking back it's all sort of a blur and all I care about are those three letters. They are mine now. Mine to stick at the end of my name, mine to proudly say when asked what I do. I'm a CPA.

This morning Trent and I got up early and walked then came back to get ready for work. I have been checking my score every morning on my phone so I went through this routine again. And finally, after almost two months of waiting for my last section's score to post, I found this:

I don't think I said anything, I just turned the phone around for Trent to see. Celebration ensued. I called my parents and it was while I was on the phone with my Mom that it really hit me. I'm done. No more studying, no more putting off and skipping out on things I want to do, no more worrying, no more waiting. I'm a CPA (pending some paperwork of course). Finally. I started crying, I was so relieved. Then crying turned back into giddiness and I proceeded to pick out a cute outfit for my "CPA Day" at work. Then I got in the shower which had been running for about half an hour...oops. There was much excitement from my coworkers, most of whom have been through this whole process already and own those special three letters. A group of us went to lunch then had cake at the office in the breakroom. The cookie cake said "Yay Anna!" which I just loved for some reason. :-) Amidst all the excitement, getting paperwork together for my bonus and a short power outage due to a crazy rain storm, I didn't get a whole lot of work done today... but hopefully management will understand and ignore my nonchargeability for the day. Not gonna lie, it was kind of fun to enter "celebrating and distracted because I passed my last section of the CPA exam" as my time entry description for my nonchargeable time this morning. Haha.

I'm proud of myself. This has been a long haul but I did it. Not only did I pass each section but I made pretty good scores on them, comfortably above passing. I devoted myself to this endeavor and I succeeded. At some point today Trent said to me "You're a CPA: Certified Public Asskicker." Haha, watch out! So maybe those three letters have a double meaning to me now, but either way, I'm in love with them.

Anna Futral, CPA

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  1. The Conovers are so proud of you. You had a plan, worked very hard, and got the greatest results. Go and celebrate!