Monday, August 6, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Buy The Red Stilettos

I spent this past weekend in San Antonio and Fredericksburg with my family.  Part of San Antonio involved some shopping, including a trip to DSW where we had a ball trying on the wackiest high heels we could find.

Hmm, I wonder why these were all in the clearance section...

Ka-razy shoes aside, this trip to DSW introduced me to a particular pair of classy, sassy high heels and it was love at first sight, I tell ya.  Not so much with the price tag though.   I sadly said farewell to them and we headed back to Fredericksburg, but the beautiful picture of them in my mind ate away at my female soul and I knew they must be mine.  So, I hatched a plan.

I called the DSW in Georgetown and asked them to put an equivalent pair of my lovely heels on hold.

Instead of the normal state highways back home to Waco, I took the way that includes IH-35, which I don't like.

I went slightly out of my way to get to the DSW.

In the rain.

Then I hopped onto 35 and cruised towards home, knowing that my little high heel hiatus was now crunching the time I had left to get home in time for Bible study.

Then my beautiful shoes went flying from the backseat to the floorboard as I came over a hill into Belton and slammed on my brakes for sudden molasses traffic. 

I began to wonder if these high heels were really worth coming this way.  I knew 35 traffic would be unpredictable.  I knew it. 

I called Trent to make him aware of my situation and to tell him "I don't want to hear it" when he started chuckling at my reason.   Boys...

I made it home ten minutes before Bible study.

I helped serve the dinner Trent had cooked so yummily.

I chimed in on our group's 1 Corinthians discussion.

I said goodnight and have a good week to our group.

And then... I did dishes in my new heels...

Because sometimes you just have to wear red pumps with Nike shorts.

Sometimes you have to go a little bit out of your way to intentionally claim a nugget of happiness.

Sometimes you have to splurge a few of your hard earned dollars on something fabulous.

Sometimes you have to buy the red stilettos.

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  1. My kinda girl Anna. The Grammie would be sooooo proud of you.!!! I know your Cousins Rachel and Rebekah are!!!