Saturday, August 21, 2010

On My Nightstand/Piano Bench

Just a quick note to introduce the new "gadget" on my blog called On My Nightstand. I'm totally stealing it from Angela's blog and I hope she doesn't mind. I already blogged here about how I want to keep a record of what books I am reading and this can help with that a bit. I don't actually have a nightstand...I have a piano bench...well a keyboard bench I guess. I haven't had a nightstand since we moved into our house and I was using a tiny wooden box until recently when I grabbed the bench to my electric piano and stuck it by my bed. Much more space on it for my stuff, though I would like a drawer someday. I just need to breakdown and buy a nightstand. I'm holding out to find a really cool one at a junktique store...but that means I need to actually go junktique-ing to try to find one. :-/

Speaking of books, I'm off to read Little Women all evening. Meg is fixxin' to get married!

Can you tell I discovered the add hyperlink button??? Yay! I feel so techy...

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